The publications of the HARVEST project are listed below. We have provided preprint versions where possible. Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of these articles.




Henry AG, Hudson H, Piperno DP, 2017. Cooked Starch Database.




Henry, A.G., Büdel, T., Bazin, P.-L., 2018. Towards an understanding of the costs of fire. Quaternary International. | Preprint Version


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Henry AG, (2017). Neanderthal Cooking and the Costs of Fire. Current Anthropology. 58, S329–S336. | Preprint Version


Lucas PW, Omar R, Al-Fadhalah K, Almusallam AS, Henry AG, Michael S, Arockia Thai L, Watzke J, Strait DS, van Casteren A, Atkins AG (2017). Tooth wear: A response to "Scratching the surface: A critique of Lucas et al. (2013)'s conclusion that phytoliths do not abrade enamel" [J. Hum. Evol. 74 (2014) 130-133]. Journal of Human Evolution. 102:75-77.

HARVEST project


HARVEST is an European Research Council funded research project (ERC-STG 677576) awarded to Amanda G. Henry.


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