Handbook on Microremains Published 2020-07-08 \\ Publications

Amanda interviewed for

2020-05-20 \\ Outreach

Paper on Finnish microremains

2019-10-19 \\ Outreach

Emma has launched her own website on the ecology of eating! This is where she'll share her reflections on farming, food sustainability and the politics of food. Check it out via the link below, and follow her on Twitter: @ecofooddev

Handbook on Microremains Published

2020-06-08 \\ Publications

Website: Emma launches her own website

2020-07-08 \\ Outreach

Amanda's edited volume, "The Handbook for the Analysis of Micro-Particles in Archaeological Samples," has been released by Springer! This book provides an introduction to a variety of microremains, including starch grains, phytoliths, diatoms, pollen, coccoliths and others. Each chapter introduces the microremain type, discusses how it's used as a marker of behavior and environment in archaeology, presents how to process samples, and provides lots of pictures to help readers identify their unknown objects. 

Two papers on our research with the Baka

2020-06 \\ Publications

Sandrine has been busy turning the results of her fieldwork into published papers. Our first two paper explores the dietary preferences among the Baka. We discover that while animal foods and domesticate crops are highly valued, certain wild plants, in particular the wild yams, have an important place in Baka diet. Their choices of which foods to eat are driven at least in part by personal preference, as well as by cultural significance of the food items.

The second paper documents a surprising result of our fieldwork: the Baka use more varieties/species of valuable bush mangoes (Irvingiaceae) than previously recognized, due in part to linguistic groupings that were previously not recognized. 

Amanda Interviewed for

2020-05-20 \\ Outreach

Amanda was recently interviewed about her recent article on microremains found in the dental calculus from an early Iron Age cemetary in Finland. This research was led by Tytti Juhola, a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, who is supervised by Amanda. 

Amanda Interviewed for Horizon Magazine

2020-03-27 \\ Outreach

Amanda was interviewed for an article in Horizon Magazine, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine, on her studies in how humans used plant carbohydrates from very early in our evolutionary history. 

Paper on calculus microremains from Iron Age Finland

2019-10-05 \\ Publications

PhD student Tytti Juhola from the University of Helsinki teamed up with Amanda to explore the microremains trapped in the dental calculus of the Iron Age individuals excavated from Luistari cemetary in Finland. While no starch grains were preserved, Tytti and Amanda recovered a large number of othe micro-particles, including feather barbules, phytoliths, parasite eggs and plant fibers.